Andrew and Orla - Old Court Chapel Weddings

Some times in life you come across special people who you have a connection with instantly. Andrew and Orla were those people. I remember them both coming into my studio to enquire about their wedding and we literally chatted, had the craic and laughed for hours.

Over the past year I have been so fortunate to get to know these two and it has been so lovely. I have never felt so welcome and like a part of the family like what I did at their wedding.

From helping the boys get dressed and doing up their button holes and bringing the rings they forgot to the venue (which has been a first haha) to helping Orla into that spectacular dress.

I have also never been as emotional as what I was on their wedding day. From the moment Orla walked out the door and her wee Daddy saw his "baby girl shining" I was a wreck!

With all the tears there was plenty of laughter and craic too. Andrew and his brothers definitely know how to carry on and act the eejit. Our sides were killing us from laughing all day.

And it all took place at one of my favourite venues The Old Court Chapel Weddings which is a dream to work at with ever corner you turn having amazing views and awesome photo opportunities.
Thank you so much for trusting in me and asking me to be there to share with you both on your very Special Day. x


Dress Justin Alexander from Pronuptia

Hair Sarah Yendall

Flowers Buncha Flowers by Denise Hanna

Make up Martina Essence of Beauty Kilkeel

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